Security In The Account

Today, several billions of people use Google and its products in their daily lives. This is a good chance that, Google knows most of the information that users using in a daily basis. It has a vigil eye on each and every actions made through its various products. Just think about the Google searching engine, Gmail, Chrome, Android OS and its different components, people already using Google in most of their life unknowingly.  A service provider always keeps user privacy secret and Google is doing the same.

Now you may think about how much Google has warped up our lives and influencing our online actions. A significant number of stuffs are always stored by Google each day. Just think about how much secure your Google account is and if on the off chance, it has breached that how much ruckus it will cause. Such type of stuff may be including your account details, Gmail, personal files stored in the drive, stuffed pictures along with Google photos and many more. Surely security is the main concern about all these accounts because you never want to see your personal data has been leaked or published illegally.

Make a security check up immediately

Securing your Google account is much easier. Google has provided inbuilt security checkup tools those will foster security of your account and it can be found in sign in and security page. While you will click on a security checkup link, it will lead you to a page where you will be asked about some basic and review to confirm information. Such type of queries won’t take long, but surely, you should spare some time while thoroughly reviewing the information.

Set proper recovery email and phone number

Setting up proper recovery email or cell number will secure you and alert immediately, when there is a breach attempt made. It is very simple, just go to setting-choose security setting-click on recovery options and now you can see the entered phone number and emails you have saved while creating the account. If in case, your account gets locked, you can recover that using the phone number or email id you have entered here. Also, your recovery email will be helpful while your main account is logged.

Recheck your recent security events

Once you have confirmed the info, just step forward and click on done. It will bring back to “Recent Security Events” option. If you didn’t have change security related changes lately, then odds won’t do anything here. Each day there are bunches of threats and therefore, you need to secure your account as much as you can. Look closer there probably any suspicious activity in your account has happened or not.  If such type of activities listed here, you can easily find out them just by clicking down arrow that visible nest to date and time. There will be no need to check these security arrangements and after your satisfaction, click on “Looks Good” button.

Check out other devices where you have a login

Google has several devices where there is an account needed to login. If you are feeling secure with one account but different devices are still pending. So they need to be thoroughly checked. Therefore, your next step should to check out on how many devices you have logged in already. They need to be properly checked. If there are no devices you are using apart from your PC, then no need to check. Users need to keep one thing in mind that, which devices you have recently used; its date, time and location will be disclosed next to the name.  In order to find out particular devices, click on the arrow seen at the end of the line.

Conduct proper and regular clean up of the apps you are using

After checking out logins, now the time is to clean up all apps you are using. This is important because, such type of apps need account permission and mainly they want Google account. Anything you have logged into your Gmail or any other apps, will revel all your attempts. The list not only shows what the devices are but if you don’t have remembered about granting access, then click on the remove button if that shows anything irregular. If it is an account, then it will accidently removed and when you want to login into them, do it manually. You have not done two step verification settings, do it now because it will not let others to breach your account.

In this process, you need to thoroughly check about the phone number you have entered and properly check the authentication method to be sure about the backup code you have entered is correct. In case, if you never have used back up code for any purpose, and you have lesser than 10 left your account, then be sure that, something is going wrong with it.

If you will aware about your account security and the add-ons those Google provides, you will be surely feel secure.

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