How To Change Password In your Account?

The revamped login process of Gmail ensures that user accounts are more difficult to hack into. For that reason there are several guidelines and measures that have been adopted. Even though you are required to set your account password at the time of creation of account; you would be prompted to revisit and change the password every few months to make it more secure.

The steps to change the password in your account are the following:

  • Log on to your account.
  • Visit the Settings section found on the top right hand corner of your email inbox.
  • Here you need to visit Accounts and Import section.
  • Under this section you will find the option to change the password.
  • You would be asked to choose a password that has not been used previously; also the password should be at least eight characters long, a mix of alphanumeric characters and special characters as well.
  • There can be upper and lower case alphabets as well in your password.
  • In order to enhance security of your account, you would also be prompted to update additional account information.
  • These pertain to updating your secondary email address as well as a contact number.
  • Once these details are updated you can also choose to activate the two step verification process.
  • This will seek an additional security code to be keyed in when you log into your account.
  • This security code is either emailed to your secondary email address registered with Gmail or to your registered phone number.

The above steps showcase how you can update your  password as well as update your account security settings.

There can be a common reason when you need to reset your password; that is usually when you are trying to access your Google account from an unknown device or a new location. At such a time if you have forgotten your account password, you would be required to reset it. This can be done in the following ways:

  • You would be asked to provide your alternate email address.
  • You could choose to get a security code on your registered phone number or a link to reset password at the alternative email address.

The above steps showcase how one can change their account password.

How to Send Large Files?

Gmail offers several conveniences for which it is one of the most preferred email services across the world. Among the several benefits that it offers for free to the users, the large storage capacity of the inboxes as well as ability to send across large files through email is major advantages.

If you are planning to send large file attachments through your account, here are the steps to follow:

  • You need to log into your account.
  • Go to Compose to create a new email message.
  • There is the option to attach files at the bottom panel of the message window.
  • There are options given for attaching files through Google Drive, from files or drives in the computer or from other sources.
  • You can find your file as per the options given and wait for the attachment to be uploaded.

In case it is a large file, you might be restricted in this option as attaching or uploading a file directly limits the file size to 25 MB. Hence, if you are looking to send multiple large files that would exceed this limit, then you need to use Google Drive to send across such large files.

Google Drive is a useful feature, a cloud service that provides large storage capacity to Google users. If you wish to send across large files through Gmail, you can easily do so through Google Drive. The steps to follow are:

  • When you log into your Gmail and click on compose to create a new message, you will find the attachment option in the message window in the bottom panel.
  • Here you also have the option to send files through Google Drive.
  • When you click on Google Drive, you would be sending across a link to the files stored on your Drive.
  • You would be asked as to what kind of access you wish to provide to the recipient, whether read only or editable rights.

Through the Google drive feature you will be able to send large files easily, up to 100 GB.