How Check My Activity In Email?

Gmail offers several ways for users to track their activities as well as know when and from where one’s account was accessed. This is a useful feature as it allows users to access their account from several locations or devices simultaneously. Hence, one could be logged in through their desktop computer as well as through their tablet or mobile app. When one chooses the option to stay logged in, it leads to several sessions remaining open simultaneously on different devices.

Account activities

There is a way to keep tab on one’s account access. This becomes useful as one could have logged into their account from different devices and kept those sessions open, without logging out. The steps to follow to check account activity of one’s account is as follows:

  • You need to log into your account.
  • When you have come to the inbox main page you can scroll to the bottom and find the option to check login activity here.
  • The bottom of your inbox page showcases the last login, the number of places you logged in from.
  • If you wish to check more details like IP address, location as well as access type, you can click on the Details option.
  • Here you can check out your sign in history. This includes timeline details such as time and date when your account was accessed.
  • Here you can also check the IP addresses through which your account was accessed.

There is also another way to check account activities on your account. The section that showcases recent security events can provide you security updates and account activity details.

In case one feels that someone else accessed their account, this could be due to malware or phishing activities. In such a case one needs to change their password immediately. It is also advised that the two step verification feature is activated that helps to further safeguard login to one’s account.

The alert for unusual activity can be found under Details that appears at the bottom of your inbox. It is advised that you keep this alert on as it will send you notifications when any unusual login activity is noted.

How Create Folder To Organize Your Inbox?

One of the basic needs of any email inbox is the option to organize your email correspondence. As emails come in from different contacts or groups that have varying importance to the recipient, it is imperative that one is able to organize these emails so that they can find related emails quickly as well as keep their email inbox organized.

When it comes to Gmail, the folder option is given in the form of creating labels. One can organize their emails by creating different labels that work as folders . There is an added feature to labels in Gmail that of allowing more than one label to apply to a single message.

How to add labels to messages?

The process is easy and there are several options in organizing your emails:

  • When your account is open, you can click on a message where there is a Label option on the top.
  • By clicking on the label one can add on the description to the labels.
  • If one wishes to add a single label to several messages, these can be selected and then click on label to add a common label description to them.

This is akin to creating different folders or organizing messages in your inbox.

How to organize messages under assigned labels?

Besides adding messages to certain labels, anyone can also add a message being composed of an existing label. This can be done by clicking on “More” options drop down list that appears in the message composition box in the bottom right corner. Here one can click on the label and then choose a label to add the message to.

Other options

There can be other things you want to do to organize your messages under labels such as:

  • If one wishes to move a message, they can click on the email, find the option Move to and then choose the label under which the message needs to be organized.
  • Under the More option on your account main page you can find the option to create new labels.
  • If you wish to edit labels, you can do so by hovering your mouse cursor over the label names.

The steps mentioned above showcase how you can organize emails in your account.