The 2-Steps Verification Process

All the time there is a virtual war between different internet bigwigs. There are some “X Factor” that want to weak another one. Google is known as one such bigwigs that occupied the number one place in internet service providing. It is scary to think a world without Google. Being top among all internet service providers, it not only attacks users, but various criminals also target Google much more than others. This is also bitter truth that, few numbers of people have succeeded to save their asset with less than more of email address and weak password. In such cases, using strong password will save your account from such criminals. According to experts, using long and complex passwords those are hard to crack, even can’t regard as foolproof security. At the present time, hackers can break any type of keyword using latest tools like key loggers which data breaches and make them furnish while the email addresses are being targeted. In such cases, the user is bullying and tricked into handling over their own and precious credentials.

Some years before, people used to enter passwords when they are being connected with public hotspots and they used to enter their passwords using Wi-Fi. These types of operations were very much dangerous because, criminals found easy to sniff into their accounts. They were able to break those passwords easily by using various tools. At that time, such type of issues gets alarmed and people even not aware what is going to their accounts. From that time, Google was beefed up security by rolling out SSL security. It was coming by default with all Google products and from those days, hacking cases against Google has been dropped largely.

It is true that, Google has already introduced easiest way to make your account secure from such type of ill effects. Using 2-step verification setting will make your account secure. It is easy to use and also easy to find on the Google landing page.

The 2-Step verification process is very easy to use and elevates your security level in your Google account. Now the question is that, why more people are not using this iconic feature? According to experts, there are mainly two reasons for its less use. Probably, maximum users never heard about this feature and second thing is that, they fear that it takes a lot of time to log in. When there is a threat to your account, there will surely case get worsen? For precautionary step, you need to embed it much before.

One thing should be kept in mind that, 2-step verification cannot be regarded as the alternative for using strong password. It is all about to make a strong and protective shield for the people those were trying to enter your account with a taint interest.

2-step verification is not 100% protective shield for your account

It is true that, users those are enabling 2-step verification, it doesn’t mean that, their account got 100 hacking proof. This is because, when this technology get popularity, hackers also searching for the right way to counter it and in some cases, they get success by sniffing through various unnecessary mobile apps those are loaded in your mobiles.

How to enable 2-step verification system?

The first thing is that, you need to check the strength of the password before enabling 2-step verification process. According to experts, 12 characters or more will be ideal. Plus, password should contain alphabets, number and symbol. It is will be surely hard to crack. Offline database is known as the most important thing that can save your password unknowingly. Sometimes people use the term “Remember this password”. It shouldn’t be followed. Rather, remembering in systems, it should be entered manually within proper intervals.

Sometimes, your device used signing in process as trusted device and sometimes, hackers get easy data through these devices which is not the only thing that, they have already entered into your account without your permission.  In such scenario, there is a proper security and convenience at work. Before entering your password, only use trusted devices. It will better if those devices will be protected by authentication codes. It will be a big step to keep your account secure from others.

How to initiate 2-step verification in your Google account?

Now you are clear how it is important to keep your account secure. Now you can enable 2-step verification following these steps.

  • Open a browser from your PC.
  • On address bar, type
  • Now it will lead to a page where you have to enter your password.
  • Now click sign in.
  • Now click the dropdown menu and select the country you are belonging to.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • To receive security code, choose text message or call.
  • Click to try it and you will receive a message containing the security code.
  • Enter the code you have received on your phone.
  • Now click on next and then click on turn on.