How Create Folder To Organize Your Inbox?

One of the basic needs of any email inbox is the option to organize your email correspondence. As emails come in from different contacts or groups that have varying importance to the recipient, it is imperative that one is able to organize these emails so that they can find related emails quickly as well as keep their email inbox organized.

When it comes to Gmail, the folder option is given in the form of creating labels. One can organize their emails by creating different labels that work as folders . There is an added feature to labels in Gmail that of allowing more than one label to apply to a single message.

How to add labels to messages?

The process is easy and there are several options in organizing your emails:

  • When your account is open, you can click on a message where there is a Label option on the top.
  • By clicking on the label one can add on the description to the labels.
  • If one wishes to add a single label to several messages, these can be selected and then click on label to add a common label description to them.

This is akin to creating different folders or organizing messages in your inbox.

How to organize messages under assigned labels?

Besides adding messages to certain labels, anyone can also add a message being composed of an existing label. This can be done by clicking on “More” options drop down list that appears in the message composition box in the bottom right corner. Here one can click on the label and then choose a label to add the message to.

Other options

There can be other things you want to do to organize your messages under labels such as:

  • If one wishes to move a message, they can click on the email, find the option Move to and then choose the label under which the message needs to be organized.
  • Under the More option on your account main page you can find the option to create new labels.
  • If you wish to edit labels, you can do so by hovering your mouse cursor over the label names.

The steps mentioned above showcase how you can organize emails in your account.

Various Options To Use In Organizing Your Inbox

Maximum people in this world using Gmail as their prime email account. There are a number of reasons are responsible for which it has occupied the top place among dozens of email providers. Among many of reasons, enough storage capacity and proper navigation are two main factors that attract billions of users around the globe. In this digital era, it is common to find many emails from different users in your inbox. They all have different purposes and sometimes, users get frustrated while searching his important email from piles of these unnecessary emails. Some of them are for promotional basis and some of them are system originated emails. Organizing your inbox will make you clear from such type of issues.

Arrange labels perfectly

Labels are one of the most helpful features that keep your inbox clear from piles of messages. To handle this feature you need to create labels.

  • To create labels go to Settings >Labels>Create New Label.

Now a new a label has created, rename it for your easy access and now you can move your email to the created label. When you are moving an email, you are filling to a folder, but in the case of a label, you can just move that by selecting the tag.

If you have important mails those need placement in different labels for easy identification, you can create multiple labels.  Color-code also another cool feature by Gmail that will simplify your identification to your essential mails at-a-glance. To add this iconic feature, find it in the left hand column and just go over the heading. You will find a downward-facing arrow just right of the title and there you’ll see “Label Color”. You can choose different colors for each label.

In case, if you want to edit or delete your existing labels, go to Setting>Labels. Here you can define labels like Starred, Important, Sent Mail and Drafts, as per your requirement.

Use filters to locate which emails are important and which are not

It has filtering option that saves unlimited time when choosing which mails are important and which should be rejected. The filter will allow you to prepare a group of e-mails by sender, subject and recipient. This feature will make your action easier while dealing with emails in bulk.

Once your messages get filtered, you are free to delete them by batch or you can go a step forward to acknowledge the Gmail about the action to be taken for future emails those have similarity with them.

In order to start your inbox and open one the hindering messages just like a newsletter, reminder. Or alert. The browser you are using, find the “More” button and click on it. Then, it’ll show you “Filter messages like”. You can also see different options with filter window. This option is always automatically filled with the sender if he belongs to common thread. This is why; it is possible to refine the group.  After setting up all your parameters, you have now two options to go ahead. Either you can click on the blue search button that visible at left or can click on the “Create Filter with the search hyperlink” that is shown at right.

Unsubscribe, Block or Mute the unwanted mail sources

Most of the email users often get frustrated with promotion mails, newsletters because these are always making inbox heavy. Plus, such mails contain heavy images or letters those take a lot of space which need to be curbed.  Some users also don’t want to scroll to the button in order to find the right email for them. To get rid of such emails or newsletters, just find out the unsubscribe link which is hidden at the bottom of the body.

Google will help you most in this case, if you are feeling hard to find, out the unsubscribe option, Gmail will show you some mailing lists. In such circumstances, you’ll forward to the sender’s unsubscribe page directly to stop forwarding such mails further.

Sometimes, an unsubscribe feature fails or sometimes it doesn’t apply properly. If a sender is found bothering, you can block that immediately.  To block any email, just open that mail, you will find a downward arrow just side of the reply button. Click on it, you will see the “Block” option. When you block the particular sender, their emails go to trash box directly without any action. The messages on the Trash box will be deleted after thirty days. This type of blocking won’t let the sender know about your action and still you can send them normally.

There is also a mute option available that will archive an email instead of sending them to trash folder. Archive folder available left row of the inbox. Most of the users may not know about the archive function which will simplify your actions and while you are muting any email, it will go to archived folder. If all these options you will follow perfectly, surely your inbox will look better and simpler to use.