How To Export And Import Contacts?

Most of the people are now using Gmail as their primary mail. They use it to send, compose and receive mails along with those documents have already simplified their lives. It is known as Google’s flagship product that had to go various modifications to meet user requirements. According to experts, it provides the highest standard of service in an email which is almost hard to find from other email service providers. Its security and features are always a step ahead from its competitors. Sometimes you need to move or import your contacts.

It is the quality easy to move your it those are already stored in your Google Apps no matter whether you want to transfer your data from or to out of the account. Sometimes, there is requirement to share your data like contacts or groups with the other Google account. Sometimes it is also required to import contact group with colleagues. On its contrast, you probably want to transfer all your contact light to a Google Apps account. No matter what the scenarios are but it is true that, it is quite simple to export or import contacts in your Google account.

Your transform it will be easy with Google Contact’s import or export tool. This tool is very simple indeed and it is not creating any hurdle while importing or exporting from other Google accounts. Also, this is the useful tool to share your contacts with other users.

How to export or import contacts using Google Contacts?

This contact import and export will be done within the Google contact app and it is quite easy to manage Google Contacts Page.

  • Open
  • Login to the source account.
  • Click on the drop down button.
  • Click on export.
  • Now it will show how many you have in this account.
  • Select the contacts you want to export or can select all to export all.
  • Now all will be stored in a Google CSV format.
  • Click export again.
  • Now the file will be stored on your local storage in your PC.

Now you have all the contacts as an offline format now to fetch them to your destination account, just follow these steps.

  • Login the source account.
  • Click on import.
  • Then it will show file, choose button.
  • Click on it and browse the file whatever you have saved on your device.
  • After importing CSV file now the contacts are fetched to your desired account.

Perform export or import contacts from a mobile device 

If you require your contacts to import or export from your mobile device, then it will also perform with simple steps.

  • Go to your mobile browser and open
  • Tap on the menu button.
  • Tap on what you want export or import contacts.
  • Now tap export to storage.
  • Rename the file that you have stored in your mobile device and tap on OK.
  • Now, fetch the new account after removing old account.
  • Once the new account opened on the device, open the contacts page again.
  • Now tap on the menu button.
  • Tap on export or import.
  • While tapping on import, now it will show to browse your contacts.
  • Now import from storage.
  • When it will ask where to save the contacts, select Google.
  • Now import them and the action is completed.

How to export contacts from Google account to other Email?

Sometimes, users have different Email accounts apart from Gmail and they want to have contact lists to the other Email account. To export contacts to another Email, just follow these steps.

  • Open
  • Now sign in with your account.
  • Click the drop down button shown on the page.
  • Click export and all your contacts will be downloaded with CSV file and will store at device.
  • After this step, now sign on the Email account you want to import these contacts.
  • After signing in now follows the steps about how that mail, imports the saved contacts. This is because; different mails have a dissimilar process to import contacts.
  • After successfully importing now you can your contacts at that selected Email account.

If someone wants to import different email contact list to own account, they same import procedure should be followed in order to import contacts from other Email to your own account.

How import contacts will be helpful?

Now the question is that, how importing the contacts will be helpful to you? It is true that, our Email contains several important contacts those are needed while working for such accounts and while they are fetched to your own Google account, it will be no more needed to rewrite again. So follow these steps and use your useful contacts.

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