How Receive Less Spam, Promotions And Social Email?

Google adopted strategies in allowing targeted ads to land up in the inboxes of those who are Gmail account users. When account interface was redesigned the mails were differentiated into three tabs, Primary, Promotions and Social. This effort helped to ensure that users need not have to manually separate correspondence that landed in their email inbox, but find a certain order already established in their inbox automatically.

Even though this policy has proven convenient, it has not stopped ads from flooding the inbox of most users. In most cases, they land up under the Promotions tab. There are several ways to remove or reduce spam or promotional mails from flooding one’s inbox such as:

  • One can tap the X mark that appears next to the ads in this section but that will only hide such messages momentarily.
  • One can choose to manually select the ad messages or opt for the select all and delete the promotional messages every other day.
  • The other solution is to delete the Promotions tab. This can be done by visiting Settings on the top right hand corner of the inbox.
  • Here you will find the option to configure your inbox.
  • You will get the option to disable Promotions tab in this section.

Other ways to reduce spam messages in your inbox is to create a filter that will showcase emails sent to you by certain senders. This can be done by opening an email sent by someone whom you wish to block. You can then choose the option to block correspondence from such senders. There is also the option to report spam or phishing under the same drop down list.

With the above steps you will be able to reduce spam, promotional and unwanted messages from cluttering your inbox.

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