Hangout, How Connect, Block And Find My Contacts

Gmail offers several conveniences and among them one feature is a chat option. Known as Hangout, it is a chat messenger option that works with your Gmail as well as Google+. As the same account of a user links to the social media Google+ as well, Hangout can be used as an instant chat or messenger function on both platforms.

How to use Hangout?

For those who wish to use Hangout feature in their account can note the following steps:

  • It is easy to link to contacts that already exist in your account, especially when they have accounts as well.
  • Simply by clicking on Hangout you will find the list of contacts that are available or online.
  • You can also add a new contact on Hangout to start a new conversation.
  • This can be done by clicking on new conversation option; you can type in name, email address or phone number to get started.
  • You can send across an invite to someone who is not showing in your Hangout contacts.
  • If the contact is already on your Hangout contact list, it is easy to start a conversation with them by simply clicking on their name.

There are different ways to organize contacts as well as conversations on Hangout such as:

  • If you wish to keep a contact on top of the list in Hangout, you can point the cursor on their name, click on “More” and choose the option of Pin to top.
  • If you wish to hide a contact from appearing in your Hangout, simply point on their name and click on Hide under More option.
  • If you wish to see hidden contacts you can do the same by clicking on Menu and visiting the Settings section; here you can find Hidden contacts and choose to unhide them.
  • To see conversations there is a tab under settings in Hangout to allow you to revisit existing conversations in the chat window.
  • There is also the option to customize who can contact you with an invite or does not need one.
  • The Customize invite settings option under the Settings menu allows you to make such changes.

The above points showcase all the ways you can manage contacts on Hangout. This is a beneficial chat messenger function that integrates all your Google+ and contacts. You can choose to see Hangout on your inbox interface or choose to hide the same. You can even manage the conversations and how they appear, the contacts you prefer to have on top and so forth. This chat function even allows you to make phone calls once you have credited a certain amount to your Google account.

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