How to Send Large Files?

Gmail offers several conveniences for which it is one of the most preferred email services across the world. Among the several benefits that it offers for free to the users, the large storage capacity of the inboxes as well as ability to send across large files through email is major advantages.

If you are planning to send large file attachments through your account, here are the steps to follow:

  • You need to log into your account.
  • Go to Compose to create a new email message.
  • There is the option to attach files at the bottom panel of the message window.
  • There are options given for attaching files through Google Drive, from files or drives in the computer or from other sources.
  • You can find your file as per the options given and wait for the attachment to be uploaded.

In case it is a large file, you might be restricted in this option as attaching or uploading a file directly limits the file size to 25 MB. Hence, if you are looking to send multiple large files that would exceed this limit, then you need to use Google Drive to send across such large files.

Google Drive is a useful feature, a cloud service that provides large storage capacity to Google users. If you wish to send across large files through Gmail, you can easily do so through Google Drive. The steps to follow are:

  • When you log into your Gmail and click on compose to create a new message, you will find the attachment option in the message window in the bottom panel.
  • Here you also have the option to send files through Google Drive.
  • When you click on Google Drive, you would be sending across a link to the files stored on your Drive.
  • You would be asked as to what kind of access you wish to provide to the recipient, whether read only or editable rights.

Through the Google drive feature you will be able to send large files easily, up to 100 GB.

How To Increase Storage?

Those, who sign up for a free account on Google get 15 GB of free storage for their email correspondence and other things like using Google Drive or Google Photos. However, over time, this large storage space also can become constricted, especially if you are not very efficient in organizing your emails or wish to save large files and email correspondence that lands-up in large volumes at your mail address.

There are many ways to increase storage space in your account. Though there is an option to buy more storage that will allow you to save more documents, photos, emails and other files, there are certain alternatives to consider that can help you make more efficient use of the free storage space.

Steps you could take to increase storage space in your Gmail account are the following:

  • Before you upgrade your Google account, check your existing files and photos that are stored on Google Drive and Google Photos.
  • Often, such files can be deleted which can help to create more space for your messages.
  • The alternative also works; that of deleting email messages in the different tabs and labels that can help to store more documents and photos on Google Drive or Google Photos.
  • The other option to consider in getting more space for new email messages in your account is to forward your emails to another email service or use the import function.
  • You could also create another account and forward messages, there so that your current address has more space for incoming new email messages.

If you want serious space as your business correspondence involves working with large files and great volumes of email correspondence, you could opt to buy storage space from Google in the following way:

  • Visit Drive storage option on your Google account page.
  • Here you will see the amount of storage space that is left and how much you have used up.
  • There is a section called Plans and here you can opt to buy a plan as per your choice.
  • After you choose the storage plan you wish to purchase you can choose to pay for the same in a number of ways, such as with Google wallet balance, credit or debit card, a redeem code or with PayPal.

The above points showcase the different ways you can increase storage option for your account.