Create A Signature In Email

You could add a signature to your emails in your account that would prove beneficial in many ways. Every time you send across an email you need to type your name along with contact details often. When one uses their account for business correspondence, the need of a standard signature with name and contact details as well as designation or job title becomes a necessity. Even for personal correspondence it is necessary to sign off every email you send. For such reasons Gmail offers the option of creating it of your choice.

How to create it?

When you are in Gmail, you can create in different ways:

  • It could be a text, a quote, name and contact information as well as include graphics.
  • It can include as many as 10,000 characters.
  • When you go to your account, you will find the Signature section under Settings.
  • In the Signature section you can add signature text in the space provided which can be formatted as required.
  • Here one can add text styles as well as add on images.
  • Once these changes are done, you can click to save the changes.

There are options to have different signatures added to emails sent from different addresses. If you wish to use this feature, you need to find “Send mail as” option which is given in the drop down list under Signature. Here you can add different signatures for the different email accounts you have in it.

On app

The addition or change can be done on the app as well. This will help you have a signature for the emails you send through your app. When you have created it for your account on your desktop web browser, it will not show on your app.

The steps to follow are:

  • Log onto your app.
  • Find Menu tab on the top left.
  • Under Settings you will find the option.
  • Here you can type the text of your choice and then save it.

These are the ways one can create a unique for their Gmail correspondence.

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