Connect the App And Find Your Phone If Stolen

Google gives a useful feature for users of Gmail app on their mobile devices. This helps one to locate wearable Android devices like a watch as well as a phone or tablet. The options given are about locking and erasing data from such device when you have app activated.

If you are wondering how it works, the main requirements are as follows:

  • You need to have Gmail app downloaded to your device, whether it is a smart phone, tablet or wearable like a watch.
  • Once Google account is activated on your device, you need to turn on the option of Find My Device.
  • The option Find My Device works if your lost device is turned on and you were signed into your Google account through that device.
  • The device also needs to have access to mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It should be visible on Google Play and have the location option turned on.
  • The option Find my device should also be activated on your device from before.

If you are trying to use this feature on an Android wear watch, it should run Android Wear 2.0 OS or higher versions.

There is also a simple option of locating your phone by ringing it. If your phone number is linked to your Google account, there is a find my phone option. This allows you to make a call to your phone number.

If you wish to find, lock and erase data remotely on your device, the steps to follow are:

  • Visit the link and login to your Google account.
  • If you have several devices linked to this Google account, the devices would be listed on the screen.
  • You can click on the device that is lost and your device would get a notification.
  • There is a map facility which can showcase approximate location of your device.
  • In case the device cannot be found, the location last known would show up.
  • You will be given several options such as enabling lock and erase.
  • You could also choose to play sound in which case your device will ring in five minutes.
  • If you choose to lock it, you can do so with a password, pattern or PIN. You could also send a message or phone number to your device that would display on the locked screen.
  • If you choose to erase data, it will delete all data on your device in a permanent way. Once this function is chosen, Find My Device will not work on the device anymore.

The above points showcase how you can locate a lost device which has your Google account logged in through the Gmail app and certain conditions are met.

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