Gmail Login

Logging onto Gmail is a fairly simple and straightforward process. The Gmail emailing service is one of the most commonly used ones in the world today. The reason is the simplicity, flexibility and the wide range of features that they offer. Let us have a look at the different ways to login to Gmail

How to login to Gmail from a new device?

If you have purchased a new device, accessing the Gmail is fairly simple. If it is an Android device, the phone will already come with the Gmail app installed. If not, then you can always download one from the play-store and obviously, it is free of cost.

  • Find the Gmail app on your phone. If the new device is an Android device, then the application will be pre-installed and placed inside the Google Folder. If in case, you do not find, then open Play Store, type “Gmail” and install the first app that you see in the search results.
  • After you have found the app / installed it, open it. Once you open it, you will be prompted to log in to an existing Gmail account or open a new account. You would want to login an existing account from your device.
  • Once you click that, press on the ‘Add Account’ option that you can see on the top left in the drop-down menu.
  • After this, select the type of the account you want to add. Following this, you will be prompted with a series of steps on the screen which you will need to do to complete the login process.
  • You will need to verify the account through either a code or an OTP in some cases. After you have logged in to the account in your app, the same will open every-time you open the Gmail application.

How to login to Gmail using Microsoft Outlook?

Although the Gmail app provides an extremely user – friendly interface and speed, some of the customers may be acclimatized to the interface of Microsoft Outlook. Not to worry, one can configure the Microsoft service to work with the Google mail as well.

Before you begin the process of keeping your Gmail account logged in via outlook, you need to get the IMAP protocol for the Google account that you have.

  • Log in to the Gmail account normally through your laptop. Click the ‘Settings’ icon on the top left and press on the “Forwarding” Option. Click on the option to Enable IMAP. Save the changes.

The next steps that will follow are through the Microsoft Outlook.

  • Click on the Outlook 2013 or any other version that may be installed on your computer. Find the option ‘File’ and click on the ‘Account Settings’ that you will find under this. Click on ‘New’ followed by ‘Email Account’. This option is to add a new account.

  • After this, make sure to choose ‘Manual Setup’ or ‘Additional Server Types’ and following this, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Choose the IMAP option and click on the ‘Next’ option following this.
  • In the page that you will be directed to after this, make sure that you enter the information about your Gmail account, following the username, password, the IMAP details etc.
  • Click on the More Settings Option after this. Press on the ‘Outgoing Server’ button. Under that, enable the radio button that says to use the same settings as my incoming server.

  • Click on the advanced tab and enter the information relating to the IMAP, the type of the connection and the SMTP. These can even be found over the Internet. Click on the ‘Ok’ button and following that, the ‘Next’ Button. Then you can finish the process.

How to add multiple accounts on the computer/desktop?

Gmail allows the option to login and remove multiple accounts on the Desktop as well without any hassles. The process is relatively straightforward and you can add as many accounts as possible at once.

  • Open the Gmail service on your desktop. Log out of any account that may be logged in at the time of your opening.
  • Next, you will be taken to a page, where the text will appear, ‘Use an Account’. Underneath the existing account, you will find an option to ‘Add another account’.
  • Click on that option and enter the credentials of the account that you want to add. Make sure it is a Gmail account.
  • If you are logging an account from the new device for the first time, there is a unique identification process that you will need to follow. A number will appear in both the new and the old device, and you have to tap the same numbers on both the devices to enable logging in the new device. Make sure the numbers are the same as prompted.

  • Once the identification is done, the account is successfully logged in. You can switch between the different accounts by clocking the profile icon on the top right and choosing from the different account options appearing below.
  • If you want to remove an account, you can log out of the existing logged in account, click on the ‘Select Account’ option and press the cross icon to remove the same.
  • It is recommended that you keep multiple accounts signed in only in a device that you always have access to. Do not keep your account details saved, (although they will need a password every time they need to be logged in) in a system that is not yours. Also, save the passwords only and only if you have the exclusive access to your computer.

These are the steps you can follow to log in to an email from Google. Make sure that you use this as your primary address since this offers a wide range of flexibility. Gmail is one of the most powerful mailboxes out there.